Ag Real Estate


here are as many ag investment philosophies as there are landowners. We have successfully helped our clients identify, negotiate, and acquire everything from core farm ground (acquired as commodity generating) to path-of-progress investments (farming is secondary to the appreciation in value expected as land is transitioned from ag into rooftops), and everything in between. Consequently, with over 40 years of agriculture investing experience and having round-tripped 10+ investments, we have realized real estate returns of 20%-30%, with several deals generating 200%-300% returns. Additionally, our team has never participated in a deal that resulted in a loss.

We have relationships with ag producers, with ag vendors, and with ag consultants all over the southwest and it enhances our ability to study a property and analyze how it might perform for you on a number of different levels. We evaluate soil type, yield capacity, water cost, water quality, water availability, water distribution system, efficiency of that irrigation system, proximity to market, and much more – all as part of our evaluation of how the holding cost of the property will impact you. We have relationships within the development community which will allow us to help move the farm out of production when it is retired.

Depending upon your individual needs, the real estate transaction related services we might provide you are:

  • Extensive property due diligence
  • Identification of best possible property uses, in support of your goals
  • Analysis of potential cash flow scenarios
  • Thorough analysis of property from a local and regional perspective, using our advanced mapping techniques
  • If needed, coordination of consultants, bankers and appraisers to meet deadlines
  • Related Contract negotiations (farm leases, bill of sale, etc)
  • Post-closing follow-up (water rights, Land ag use, affected USDA Agencies, etc)
  • Professional and effective presentation and marketing of properties