Asset Management


ur Ag Asset Management team works tirelessly on the client’s behalf to identify issues, recommend corrective action, and to oversee the mitigation of risk and hazards. We study daily those factors that influence fair market value of rents. We work to protect your farm and all related assets, from water rights to tax classification to ditches and irrigation distribution system. We will eliminate the turmoil that many landowners experience in not knowing whether they are receiving a fair rent – or how to adjust the rent in lieu of farm or well improvements – or whether any such improvements are even truly needed.

With over $500 million in administered farmland assets, we have found that our involvement ALWAYS improves the client’s bottom line.

Lease Application

Prospective tenants can contact us to obtain a lease application form:

Nevitt & Associates
Attn: Bryanna Hamblin
22128 E. Cloud Road
Queen Creek, AZ 85142
Tel: (480) 264-2267